We are committed to making a meaningful impact on lives of women facing conditions of vulnerability.

Empowering Mothers as Heads of Families:

We understand the unique challenges faced by mothers who are the primary providers for their families. We are creating opportunities for these resilient women so they can become qualified community conversation coaches, creating a sustainable source of income that contributes to the well-being of their families.

Supporting Women with Disabilities or Illnesses:

For those facing disabilities or illnesses, the opportunity to become a community conversation coach is a pathway to economic independence. We believe in providing a supportive environment that allows them to showcase their skills and contribute meaningfully to society.

Uplifting Older Women with Limited Income:

Older women who find themselves with little or no income have a valuable role to play as community coaches. We aims to create opportunities for these women to share their wisdom and language skills, fostering connections that go beyond generations and providing them with a source of income.

We recognize that there are various other situations of vulnerability that women may face. Whether it’s single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, or women struggling with economic hardships, the income and connections made through Holaimpact can be transformative.

By becoming a part of our Community at Holaimpact, not only will you enhance your language skills, but you’ll also play a vital role in empowering individuals facing unique challenges.

Become a Language Learner:

Your participation as a language learner directly supports and empowers our community coaches. Choose Holaimpact for your language learning journey, and make a difference in the lives of women facing vulnerability.

Spread the Word:

Share the impact of Holaimpact with your network. By expanding our community, we can create more opportunities for women in need.

Consider Volunteering:

If you’re passionate about our mission, consider volunteering your time and skills to help us grow and reach more individuals.

At Hola Impact, every connection session, and every contribution plays a role in creating a better future for women in conditions of vulnerability. Together, we’re making language learning a force for positive change.